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Pest Control Howard County, MD

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Pest control is just like any other form of building maintenance. The longer you put it off, the more it’ll come back to bite you (sometimes, literally) in the future.

Howard County, MD is home to pests that have a way of intruding our spaces and quickly growing in number when left unchecked. The only way you can get rid of them for good is with the right tools and know-how. Lucky for you, the Patriot Pest Management team has both.

We Keep the Pests Out for Good

Our pest control service starts with a scheduled consultation and free estimate. This initial survey lets us assess your situation and offer you the best solution that:

  • Eradicates the pest quickly and efficiently
  • Uses high standards of health and safety
  • Causes the least disruption to your activities
  • Considers your budget threshold

Our fully licensed, trained, and insured staff will take every necessary measure to ensure your comfort. Since we only use the safest of tools and materials, you don’t even have to leave your property.

Proper pest control isn’t complete without implementing preventative measures. After all, why bother eradicating an infestation if it eventually comes back? We will evaluate every possible pest access point and protect each one to prevent future infestations.

Our services don’t just eliminate the pests; we keep them out for good and protect your space all-year-round.

Our Pest Control Services

We have successfully removed hundreds of infestations in both residential and commercial spaces. Here are some of the critters we commonly deal with in the Maryland area:



Having a rat or mouse infestation can be dangerous because they are often riddled with various diseases and other pests (like fleas and ticks.) Their strong teeth are notorious for quickly going through weaker food packaging and even causing structural damage.

Rodents establish their dwellings in areas that don’t receive much foot traffic (attics, basements, the hollows of your walls, etc.) They are generally active during the night time where they eat food left in the open. Gnawed-on wood or packaging, small droppings, and scuttling sounds at night are telltale signs of an infestation.


Cockroaches might not cause the same level of damage as rodents, but a major infestation can lower your property’s value. They multiply very quickly and can infest your kitchen or other rooms that store food.

Roaches are mainly active at night, so they might be difficult to notice. They like to place their tiny, brown eggs in warm and humid spots around your house, so be on the lookout for those. Contact us immediately if you think you have a cockroach problem.


Ants are another insect that proliferates rapidly and can cause a nuisance if they create colonies in your home. They usually infest interiors during the rainy season, or when looking for food and water. You can find them nesting in places with moisture like kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms.

A Safer Pest Solution for Your Household

Our service specializes in bringing you safe and environmentally-conscious methods of pest control. All of the materials we use are EPA-certified. With our cost-effective, quality treatments, you can say goodbye to the last bug.

Call 443-650-0031 for professional pest control services in Howard County, MD. Our team is happy to give you a free consultation!