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Termite Control Columbia, MD

For termite control in Ellicott City, call the specialists at Patriot Pest Control.

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Termite control could save Americans billions every year. These bugs are especially dangerous because they leave little evidence during their early infestation. By the time you notice the damage, it’s already at an advanced level.

The team at Patriot Pest Management keeps homes in the Columbia, MD area free and clear of termites. We use eco-friendly methods to destroy existing colonies and deter new ones.

Termite Detection

Many property owners confuse termites and flying ants. Signs that you’re dealing with wood borers include:

  • Small circular holes in wood
  • Mud tubes in the garden
  • Darkened, bubbling, or softening wood

These signs are easy to miss since wood borers prefer to burrow into the center of wooden structures. They’ll eat the wood from the inside out, 24 hours a day.

Finding their base is difficult, but our team of specialists knows where these bugs like to hide. They’ll look for the colonies and potential access points.


Annual Pest Inspection Service

Call us today to learn more about our competitive rates. During our initial pest inspection, our team tracks down termites and other wood-boring insects.

By bringing Patriot Pest Management in once a year, you’ll be able to prevent expensive repairs. Our expert team can identify the early signs of infestations, enabling you to start treatment earlier and limit the damage.

Termite Control

One insect by itself doesn’t do much harm, and that’s why bugs form colonies. Wood-boring insects find great strength in numbers.

In nature, these insects are useful, breaking down old, dead trees. In a home or business, that’s not what you want, and destroying the colony is essential to halt further damage.

Our team uses Termidor because it’s a premium product that’s hard on insects but kind to the environment.

Patriot Pest Management uses a combination of liquid and subsoil applications to eradicate colonies. Queens can lay thousands of eggs a day, so it’s essential to act quickly. We’ll evaluate the situation to find the ideal solution for your circumstances.

Termite Prevention

Prevention is your top defense. Contact someone from our team today to learn more about our effective baiting strategy.

How Does the Baiting Strategy Work?

Our team identifies strategic locations to place bait stations. These stations contain a substance that these nasty bugs can’t resist and provide an alternative food source to keep your home safe.

The baiting systems allow our team to see where the termites are colonizing. A team member checks the traps every three months for activity. If they find any, they place a special lure in that station.

The new lure contains substances that interfere with the bug’s reproductive cycle. It won’t kill them outright, but they’ll take it back to the colony as a food source.

Once the queen consumes the substance, she’s no longer able to produce fertile eggs, resulting in the colony eventually dying out.

Other Preventative Measures

Our team’s evaluation includes tips on keeping these bugs away from your home. They’ll advise you to:

  • Clear out broken branches, stumps, or fallen debris that the insects might nest in
  • Trim the branches of shrubs and trees so that they’re far from the property’s sides
  • Renew subsoil treatments to kill off larvae

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