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Termite Control Ellicott City, MD

For termite control in Ellicott City, call the specialists at Patriot Pest Control.

In Ellicott City, MD, and its surrounding areas, termites are a nuisance, causing significant damage to homes and businesses. Termites build colonies underground and around wooden structures. They form their colonies inside your house, making themselves at home in places like floor joists and walls. Most homeowners do not think about the chances of having a termite problem until wood starts crumbling or the floors get soft.

At Patriot Pest Control, we provide a wide range of termite removal and treatment solutions, as well as preventive measures that solve all your pest problems. Our methods effectively eliminate termite invasion, and most importantly, prevent new termite colonies from returning.

5 Signs You Need a Termite Inspection

Dealing with any pest can be frustrating, but termites are especially destructive. These wood-loving bugs thrive in humid weather, and it’s usually difficult to recognize them.

Although termites are hard to notice, keep an eye out for these signs that indicate you need a termite control expert right away.

  1. You live in a house constructed of wood, brick, or vinyl sliding – No matter what kind of home you live in, you can experience a termite invasion. Termites create tunnels under houses and move through the soil below. These pesky insects enter your house through these unseen tunnels and attack wooden elements.
  2. Your neighbors have a termite problem – When termites form colonies, they build more tunnels to expand to other locations. If your neighbors have a termite problem, the chances of you having an infestation as well are high. If this is the case, prevent extensive damage and call Patriot Pest Control to inspect your home for termite infestation immediately.
  3. You notice wood damage – Although termites are not dangerous to humans, they can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home. If your home is the victim of a termite infestation, you might notice spots where wood feels spongy or soft. Our inspectors test the integrity of all wooden elements (desk, chairs, porch, and more) by using specialized equipment. If you have infected wood in any of these places, termites are likely invading many other interior spots.
  4. You spot wings – Termites thrive in wooden houses. Although you won’t see them flying around, you may notice tiny insect wings around areas such as doors, windows, and desks. If you see any unknown bug wings, reach out to us for immediate termite removal. We inspect every room from top to bottom, seeking and eliminating the problem source.
  5. You hear noises – Sometimes termites make sounds inside walls. If you place your ear to an infested wall, you may hear them eating the wood.

If you think termites may be affecting your home, act quickly to eliminate the infestation and prevent major, irreversible damage. We offer a range of pest control services to ensure your home is termite and pest free.


Protect Your Family and Home

Defend your family and your home against dangerous insects. At Patriot Pest Control, we focus on termite removal using effective elimination and protection plans. Our team of experts keeps you, your family, and your pets safe using gentle eco-friendly solutions.

Some of our termite treatment services include:

  • Liquid termiticide
  • Termite baiting systems
  • Annual termite inspections

The professionals at Patriot Pest Control will complete a thorough home inspection. We are the best local termite control experts, so you can be confident that we’ll find and remove troublesome termites for good

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