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Termite Control Cockeysville, MD

Choose Patriot Pest Management if you need year-round termite protection.

Termites are one of the most damaging and dangerous pests that you can find on your property. While they aren’t necessarily a hazard to your health, they present a tremendous risk to the structural integrity of your home and your treasured belongings. Termites form large colonies that love nothing more than eating wooden structures. They can start these colonies in wood structures outside your home, wood piles or even inside of a home in the joists or walls.

Tragically, many homeowners fail to realize that there are any issues with termites in their home until structural damage has already been done. Patriot Pest Management works with homeowners throughout the area to provide experienced and knowledgeable termite control in Timonium, MD. Our comprehensive termite remediation solutions get rid of your existing problem, and we can also work with you to prevent termite issues from returning in the future.

What Are the Signs You Need Termite Control in Cockeysville, MD?

Termites can be difficult to find if you are not sure what you are looking for. By the time you notice there is an issue, the colony might be out of control. Some of the signs that you have a termite issue and might need termite control in Cockeysville, MD include:

  1. Banging Sounds Coming From Behind the Walls: When termites sense danger, they will shake their bodies or bang their heads against hard surfaces to signal to other members of the colony that something is wrong. Worker termites also make noise while they are chowing down. While you wouldn’t notice the noise that one termite makes, when there is a big colony you can sometimes notice the sound if you listen carefully. If you notice any banging or strange sounds coming from behind your walls, schedule a termite inspection with Patriot Pest Management.
  2. Discarded Wings: Flying termites shed their wings when they find a suitable mate. Then, they will find a nesting site to start a new colony in an area with plenty of wood and the process will start again. If you notice clusters of small, discarded wings, you might need termite control in Cockeysville, MD.
  3. Tight Doors and Stuck Windows: One of the surprising side effects of termite activity in your home is doors and windows that start to stick. This can be a sign of elevated humidity, particularly if the weather outside is warm. However, if the activity is concentrated or other doors and windows are not having problems, you could have a colony. When termites eat their way through wood frames, it generates moisture that can lead to sticking.
  4. White Ants: Do you think you would be able to recognize a termite? The answer for most homeowners is no. Many times homeowners think that they have an ant problem when, in reality, they need termite control in Cockeysville, MD. Light-colored ants that are pale and almost translucent are termites. They have wings that are all the same size, unlike ants, and have a thicker waist section.


How Does Our Termite Control in Cockeysville, MD Protect Your Home?

We use well-researched, effective methods to control termites on your property. Some of the most common methods that we use for termite control in Cockeysville, MD include termite inspections, liquid termiticide and termite baiting systems. All of our pest control technicians know where termites like to hide and how to uncover them, and we are here to help you and your family.

Where Can I Find Quality Termite Control in Cockeysville, MD?

Patriot Pest Management offers experienced, trustworthy pest and termite control in Cockeysville, MD to business owners and residents throughout the area. Our customized, comprehensive pest management plans are designed to meet your needs now and as the seasons change. To schedule your appointment, call us today at (443)650-0031.