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Types of Wildlife

Removal of wildlife animals is a situation that normally requires a professional trained animal removal specialist. Many wild animals have learned to adapt and even thrive in our homes. Patriot Pest has the experience to handle bats, raccoons, possum, ground hogs, moles, snakes, and all those critters in-between. Let us treat your wildlife nuisance with effective, safe methods to ensure your health and property are protected.
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Wildlife FAQs

Do moth balls work for evicting animals from an attic or crawl space?

No, animals tend to learn to adapt to different conditions and are able to live in various situations.

If you have to set cages, how many and where?

It all depends upon the situation and the type of wildlife involved. For the most part will find the effected area and place a couple cages. Patriot Pest will check the cages frequently to ensure the health of the wildlife.

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