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Termites and Wood Boring Insects

Termites are by far the most infamous of all wood boring insects but lets not overlook the others. Each wood boring insect can cause significant damage to your home or business. Experts estimate termites alone cause more than $5 billion in property damage each year. Whether your home or business is infested with termites, carpenter, ants, bees, or beetles, Patriot Pest will hold the front lines and eliminate your problem. Patriot Pest offers two types of termite control, the preventative Baiting System and the curative Liquid Treatment. We will educate you on your particular situation so together we can come up with the best solution for your home.
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Baiting System

Patriot Pest installs in-ground baiting stations around your home or business. The Advance Termite Baiting System is designed to intercept and eliminate random foraging termite colonies around your home. The baiting system Patriot installs is the safest and most homeowner and environmentally friendly termite treatment. One of our certified Patriot Pest technicians will place multiple baiting stations around the perimeter of your property and check them quarterly or every 3 months to insure of a termite free property. Once a station gets a hit a trained technician will add a slow acting termite bate which effects the reproductive system and eliminates the problem.

Liquid Treatment

Patriot completes liquid or barrier sub-soil injection treatments using Termidor Termiticide. Termidor is an odorless and environmentally friendly product. Remember-“If you’re not asking for Termidor, you’re asking for trouble.” Termidor is the most effective control material to use in our area. Other companies may chose cheaper products, but we want your home to have good long term protection from termite damage. Because termites can do damage without you seeing it is important to have the protection and service you can count on.

Termite FAQs

How difficult are termites to treat?

It is important to have the training and experience in termite control to come up with the best protection plan for your home. The same treatment for every situation does not work for termite control. Sometimes different control strategies need to be used to best solve a particular termite problem.

Does a homeowner see termites?

In early spring, termites may swarm and will become visible. If you spot a termite swarm then likely your property has a infestation. Pursuing the pest issue will increase your chances of stopping property damage.

How do you recognize termites?

Many of times termites are often confused with flying ants. Signs of termite infestation include softened wood found inside of the property, mud tubes outside of your home and darkening or bubbling of wood structures.

How much damage do termites cause?

Termites are eating 24 hours a day, meaning damage to your property in and around a structure can happen very quickly. In fact, the NPMA estimates that termites eat up $5 billion in property damage every year.

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