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Termite Control Eldersburg, MD

Choose Patriot Pest Management if you need year-round termite protection.

Protecting your home or business from termites is essential because they pose an enormous threat to your property. These hungry pests feed on wood and cause costly damage to both the interior and exterior of your home or business.

If you want to protect your home or business from termites and avoid costly repairs, call Patriot Pest Management. We offer expert termite control treatments designed to remove and prevent termites from destroying your property. Our treatments effectively eliminate termite invasions and prevent them from coming back to your home or place of business.

Our Termite Control Services

At Patriot Pest Management, we use liquid treatments and baiting systems to make sure your home is completely protected and termite-free. Our safe and effective products are dependable and quickly reach the source of the problem. Once our experts ensure there is no more termite activity, protective measures are put in place to prevent new termite colonies from being established.

We know that every property faces its challenges in termite control. That is precisely why our specialists develop custom solutions to suit the needs of your home or business.

Our services include:

  • Termite Inspections: We will check the interior and exterior of your property to identify damage and indicators of infestation
  • Termiticide: This treatment will poison and kill the termite colony
  • Bait Traps: These traps attract the termites in the ground near your home and will kill any who enter

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Signs of Termite Damage

Termites eat cellulose (mostly wood) and live in tree stumps, mulch, home insulation, and other areas. They live underground, where they build tunnels to form colonies and lay eggs.

Termites enter your home through hidden tunnels under your house. They get into any wooden spaces and can cause extensive damage. However, an early response to the initial damage can prevent a full-on infestation.

Look for the following items if you think termites are attacking your home:

  • Soft, spongy walls: Termites reduce the strength of wood, which can reduce its firmness
  • Insect wings: Termite wings are a tell-tale sign that they are in your home. You will likely see them by windows or floorboards
  • Noises in walls: Termites will produce a clicking or tapping noise as they move through your home

Through proven pest control methods, we help rid your residential or commercial property of destructive termites for good. Protect your home or business with superior termite control and prevention.

How to Prevent Termites From Spreading

Termites are pesky insects known as silent destroyers for a good reason. They eat away at your home, causing significant damage before you realize you have a termite problem. These unwanted bugs chew through flooring, wood, wallpaper, and can even compromise the stability of your home or business.

Take these steps to help prevent termites from spreading and infesting your home:

  • Repair leaking water pipes and faucets
  • Eliminate moisture in your home
  • Maintain a distance between wood and soil
  • Place possible termite-infected wood items in the sun (termites can’t stand high temperatures)
  • Store firewood 20-30 feet away from your property
  • Routinely inspect your home or business for the signs above
  • Consider scheduling an inspection annually

Serving Eldersburg, MD, and the surrounding areas, Patriot Pest Management is proud to provide home and business owners with high-quality, safe termite control methods. Offering a wide variety of termite removal and management treatments, we deliver innovative and eco-friendly solutions to your pest problems.

Our residential and commercial pest control plans include a service guarantee, so you can relax knowing no silent-destroyers are damaging your property.

If you are ready to rid your home of unwanted guests like termites or other wood-boring insects in Eldersburg, MD, call Patriot Pest Management at (443) 650-0031 to schedule an appointment. We proudly offer free estimates and are committed to your satisfaction.